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Hardwoods and Softwoods From Around The World

Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture is bespoke by design and also the material used to make it. Below is a summary of different types of wood that could be used to make a bespoke piece of furniture, there are of course more than we have below.

You may want a specific type of wood to match existing furniture, and that becomes more important if the match is to high value older furniture. The applied finish will make a huge difference, transforming the look and feel of the wood into the finished article.

At Village Pine we use a wide variety of temperate hardwood, tropical hardwood and softwood for our bespoke furniture. Sourcing a specific wood can take time, so please be prepared to wait.


Temperate hardwood and tropical hardwood species

European Beech and a fine range of North American temperate hardwoods.

North American represents one of the best managed, forward looking forest industries in the world, and our stock range reflects our commitment to this important source of supply. 

The hardwood Grades are: FAS, FAS1-face, Select, Common 1 to 3, strips and wide boards. FAS is the highest grade of hardwood. The main difference between grades is how clear the boards are.

In European Beech, waney edged and square edged in both steamed and unsteamed forms.

We source materials to meet our customers changing requirements.

North America

New England Red Oak, white Oak, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, White Ash , Cherry American, Hard Maple, Tulipwood/Poplar, Black Walnut, Quebec Yellow pine, Southern Yellow Pine

South American

Tropical hardwoods including Brazilian Cedar, Brazilian Mahogany, Parana Pine.


Beech European, Sweet Chestnut, Elm, European Redwood, European Whitewood, oak, Sycamore, Jelutong, far eastern Meranti, Teak, African Idigbo, Iroko, West African Mahogany, Obeche, Opepe and Sapele.


American Softwoods

Grades: No1 and No2 and No3, clear and better No3 and better, Saps, Prime and better, Prime, D selects.

European Softwoods

Grades: Unsorted, 5ths, 6ths, Saw falling.

Please phone Village Pine, cabinet maker on 01706 877773 or call into our Lancashire workshop to discuss your ideas and wood choice.

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