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Natural Wood Furniture Care
Oiling and waxing

Oiled natural wood furniture

Oiled wooden furniture has been pre-finished at the factory with several coats of pure *Tung Oil, giving a durable, water proof finish whilst enhancing the texture and beauty of the natural wood. To maintain the beauty and finish of your furniture, we recommend regular furniture care treatment with Tung oil, or similar drying oils (Danish oil, Teak oil).

How often to oil?

Since leaving the factory, your solid wood furniture may have spent several weeks in transport and storage and furniture care treatment soon after you take delivery may benefit the natural wood appearance. After that, applying Tung oil at six monthly intervals should suffice to maintain your natural wood finish. More frequent applications can be applied.

Besides protecting the surface, the oil will enhance the colour, adding depth and patina to the finish. There are no hard and fast rules about how often, but areas of heavy usage, such as table-tops or the tops of chests, will benefit from more frequent applications.

How should the oil be applied?

Oiling could not be easier. Simply apply with a soft, lint free cloth and leave for 5 - 10 minutes for the oil to penetrate, before removing any excess. Leave for a further 30 minutes and wipe dry.

What are the advantages of an oiled finish?

Unlike conventional lacquers, drying oils penetrate deep into the surface of the timber, protecting from within. They cannot chip and any minor scratches to the surface of the timber can be retreated with the application of a little more oil. Drying oils protect without obscuring the natural 'feel' and texture of the grain.

Which oils can I use?

Drying oils vary from pure tung oil to many commercial preparations (Danish oil, Teak oil, Trip-trap oil etc). All are suitable and most are readily available from DIY stores and supermarkets.

* Tung Oil is a natural, non-toxic oil obtained from the seed of the tung tree (Aleures fordii). Records of tung oil date back two millennia in China, its uses varying from water proofing ships to finishing the highest quality furniture. It is quick drying, penetrates deep into the pores of the timber, forms an almost permanent seal against moisture and does not lose its elasticity with age. It is widely recognised as one of the finest drying oils.

Danish Oil is a furniture care oil treatment with Tung oil as one of its constituents.

Teak Oil is the oil from the Teak tree, and is a naturally occuring water resistant oil.

The above notes are intended as a general guide only.

Always pay careful attention to all manufacturer's instructions included on proprietary brands of drying oils and finishing products.

After Purchase Furniture Care

Wood is a natural product and as such is susceptible to movement including expansion and contraction.

Please observe the following:

1) Never place furniture against a radiator

2) Avoid direct sunlight (if possible)

3) Avoid extremes of temperatures.

Your furniture is finished with a durable finish, so for good furniture care it only requires buffing with a clean cloth.


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