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History of the Cabinet Maker

The traditional cabinet maker goes back centuries, producing wooden cabinets by hand to extremely high standards. Cabinet making is an art and a craft. Of course, such fine furniture was not available to everyone, most people had very simple furniture.

The cabinets are based on a box structure, with or without doors, drawers, carvings, feet, tops and more, traditionally made from solid wood.

As technology progressed, so did mass production of furniture, together with the ability of the traditional cabinet maker to use the technology to enhance their cabinet making skills.

Cabinet Making Design

Throughout history, there are many examples of period design changes many of which are still in demand today.

On our website and in our showroom you will find "Rustic", "Georgian", "Edwardian", "Shaker" style furniture and other design styles. We can manufacture new items to match antique furniture you may have, using similar material but using modern technology.

Cabinet Making and Bespoke Furniture

The term "Cabinet Maker" is now used to describe professional skilled craftsmen, with the skill and expertise to design and manufacture individual pieces of furniture to a very high standard, to tolerances expected with current technology.

A cabinet maker is able to produce an individual piece of bespoke furniture, a task mass producers are not geared up to do, nor have the craftsmen to achieve it. The flair and art of design remains a major element of modern cabinet making. See our bespoke furniture page.

Cabinet making is still an art and craft from the artistic design, manufacturing and sculpting of the wood to make a piece of individual, bespoke furniture to the perfect finish.

At Village Pine we are professional cabinet makers. Yes, we do manufacture "cabinets", but also tables, chairs, dressers, shelving units and many other individual peices. We use solid wood, we use traditional jointing techniques, we work to high tolerances.

Please phone Village Pine, cabinet maker Lancashire on 01706 877773 or call into our workshop with your ideas.

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